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A different approach to Recycling and Waste Management Solutions....

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The purpose of ENVIROSYSTEM, Inc. is to provide consulting services to companies, government, municipality and the  military that generates  scrap and/or waste commodities.


  • You don't know what to do with it.
  • And would like to access International end-markets but don't know where to begin.
  • Or would like to begin or improve your Recycling program but needs hands-on assistance.
  • Also would like to reduce your Waste & Disposal cost + maximize profit on scrap commodities.

  • We can assist you set up a customized, sustainable recycling program.
  • Teach you grading, separation and secure-packaging.
  • Additionally we 'll provide  introduction to the scrap end markets.
  • Likewise  advise you on the best scrap & recycling machinery needed
  • Further more assist you with all international logistic and doccumentation.

Harris Equipment Commercial Agent for Dominican Republic

Recycling and Recovery of Baled Cardboard, Plastic, Paper and Metal Consultant.

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809 886-1115
Cana Dulce Street No. 162
El Millon, Santo Domingo
Dominican Republic